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Thank you for visiting  You may have noticed the new website.  The content is the same with some minor changes however, our products are the same as they ever have been.  To make a long story short, the previous business had been caught in probate court where we were told to cease operations during litigation.  As a result we did not order any product and we were not able to sell any product.  Our presence was pretty much a non active website for 5 years.  We appreciate your continued patronage of our site as well as your patience and understanding of the situation.  The Whippy TempoMaster Co. ,Inc. is no longer in existance and all matters related to that company have been settled.

I have recently been granted the few remaining assets of the previous company and given permission to rebuild should I have an interest to.  With 20+ years invested in my fathers invention, and having the memories of working side by side with him building his product, I decided to do just that.  The new company is LLC and we are  offering the original Whippy TempoMaster products that Dr. Melvin has invented and created.

Dr Melvin is alive and well.  He is currently living near the family ranch which he visits frequently. He enjoys being with his grand children as they live near him and visit frequently.  Dad is being very well taken care of by his son, and my brother, John.  Due to age catching up with him, he no longer hits The Whippy 300 yards but he does hit it straighter than most.  He's always eager to hear a good joke, run out for some steak and lobster and hang around the garage while things get done.  He is clearly enjoying life.

The current condition of our available inventory and what to expect in the future.

Right Hand Models:

You may have seen the introduction of The Whippy TempoMaster Elite Driver.  This is taking the place of the 260cc driver and the original 190cc driver for now.  We may re-introduce the 190cc driver later this year.  The Elite Driver is currently in Right Hand model only as we plan to build the Left Hand version later this year.  The RH Elite Driver will be available in March 2016.  You may have also noticed a limited selection of our products on our order page.  We have plenty of Right Hand Pitching Wedges, Putters, 2-Irons, 3-Irons and a few 3-Woods.  In March we will have the RH 5-Iron and the RH 7-Iron arriving with the new Elite Driver. As time goes by we will be bringing back the 8-Iron, 9-Iron, 6-Iron, SW, and 4-Iron in Right Hand models.

Left Hand Models:

We have the 260cc Driver and its matching 3-Wood as well as the original 190cc Driver and matching 3-Wood.  We also have the 5-Iron, 7-Iron Pitching Wedge and Putter all available.

If you see our products for sale on other websites be sure to ask about inventory as we are temporarily no longer supplying them or drop shipping for other companies nor do we have brick and morter dealers or international distributors.  So be careful when ordering from other online sites.  They most likely do not have what they say they have.  Some of them may have remaining inventory but be sure to check before spending your money. You might see our products in other stores in the year 2017.  If so, those stores will be listed on this website as authorized dealers.

Once again.  Thank you very much for your continued support and most of all thank you for your patience and understanding of the most unfortunate situation we encontered.  Before long it will be business as usual.   We changed servers so if you sent us an email prior to 01/20/2016, please send it again as it got lost in transition.

Thank you,

Tom Melvin LLC
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